Year: 2019

Gold-hedge haters focused on the hole, not the doughnut

The USD gold price has been on the tear these past 13 weeks. Gold prices in most other currencies have been running hot for quite a bit longer, and the list making new all-time highs this year keeps getting longer, but it’s the USD gold price that drives broader sentiment and it gets the headlines.

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Mining The Upside

Everywhere we look at the moment we see the market values of exploration and development companies of all shapes and sizes that don’t reflect even a sliver of the cash their assets might create if the world just stayed the same. Why is it so?

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New Year’s resolutions (or old habits die hard?)

Late on New Year’s eve 2017, without a great deal of analysis of the consequences (as tends to happen at that hour when drinking) I announced my 2018 would be alcohol free. My wife, bless her, immediately volunteered to join me, saying the shared challenge would be easier. And boy was she was right about that.

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