Predicting rain doesn’t count;

building arks does

If your company has significant exposure in FX or commodities, we can help

If your business is vulnerable to FX or commodity price volatility, we have the expertise to guide you through the potential minefield. We’ll determine where your financial risks lie and help you manage them.

Market risk advisory

A robust risk management framework for your business.

Debt advisory

Expert advice on structuring and securing debt.

Active selling

Active management of regular transactions.

Establish certainty

Take steps to secure your cash flow so your business is ready to seize new opportunities and grow.

Keep your eye on the game

Focus on your business knowing you have an independent expert monitoring and managing your key financial risks.

Tap into a wealth of knowledge

We’ve seen it all. We’ll always advise and act in the best interests of your business so you can prepare for the bad luck and thrive on the good.

They’re confident and proactive in challenging our thinking to gain enhanced outcomes from our hedging portfolio.


Who we work with

If your company has significant exposure in FX or commodities, we can help. Whether you mine, import or export, trade in fashion or energy, your business is at the mercy of market forces and we’re here to put you back in control.

Are you in mining?

Working in mining and resources is our speciality.

  • For the last 19 years, we’ve been advising on risk management and financing strategies for over 50 mining clients in Australia and overseas.
  • Over half of Australia’s gold producers that actively hedge rely on us for support and advice on gold selling and hedging strategies.

The processing plant at Perseus Mining’s Edikan gold mine in Ghana

The processing plant at Perseus Mining’s Edikan gold mine in Ghana

Need to make sense of hedging for your business?

Download our guide ‘Creating a successful hedging strategy’.

Our Clients

Since 2004, Noah’s Rule has worked with over 100 companies on hedging and project finance related issues.