Hedgebook Pro is a cloud-based deal capture, valuation and reporting tool for commodity, foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives. Hedgebook Pro provides the tools required to ensure finance professionals have full visibility of their portfolio details, valuation and CVA / DVA values.

Over time, interacting with our clients and other industry contacts, we recognised a desperate need for a low cost and simple system to record and value hedges. While companies (sometimes pushed by their auditors) recognised a need to move away from spreadsheets, they felt off-the-shelf systems were over engineered and over priced relative to what their needs required.

This led us to team up with Hedgebook, a company who have been developing treasury management software for over 10 years. We collaborated on the design and delivery of a simple but effective cloud-based deal capture and valuation system, the result of which is Hedgebook Pro.

Hedgebook Pro is simple, effective and low cost. With pricing up to 80% lower than other software products in the market, it meets the needs of most companies we engage with. If you have additional needs beyond the capabilities of Hedgebook Pro, then it is likely that Noah's Rule or another advisor could fulfil them for much less than the savings on this versus other software solutions.

Key features of Hedgebook Pro

  • Broad coverage Hedgebook Pro covers a broad range of FX, Interest Rate and Commodity derivatives from vanilla through to the more complex. With Hedgebook Pro you can record your entire portfolio in one system and gain visibility of overall and individual positions.
  • Independent valuations Hedgebook Pro's daily rate feeds allow users to generate independent, up-to-date valuations for both management and audit purposes, meaning you no longer need to rely on 3rd parties.
  • CVA / DVA calculations Upon selecting the appropriate credit rating to be used, Hedgebook Pro will provide you with CVA / DVA valuations to be applied for compliance with the now mandatory AASB13/IFRS 13.
  • Concise reports A suite of clear and concise reports puts valuable information in the hands of key decision makers. Cash flow management is simplified, performance against treasury policy is always visible and detailed reports for management, Board or audit purposes can be quickly produced when required.
  • Intuitive user experience Hedgebook Pro is designed to be simple and intuitive, not requiring extensive user training. Our experts can get you and your team up and running with a short training session.
  • Supported by treasury professionals Hedgebook Pro is backed by the support and assistance of treasury professionals who both understand the system and are experienced in financial risk management.
  • Security Hedgebook has successfully completed the ISAE 3402 audit (formerly SAS 70), therefore certifying our systems and processes as reliable so our customers can rest assured that their data is safe. Hedgebook's review was conducted by independent audit agency Grant Thornton.