Our Principles

Aspire to
always deliver
value to our

Remembering perception of
value is only ever in the eye
of the client and having the
confidence to let them
determine our remuneration.

Always provide
frank, robust

Commit to walk in our client's shoes;
if it was us having to make the decisions
our clients are required to make, what
would we do and why? Even if we
know its not what they want to hear
and even if it means we answer those
key questions, that haven't been asked.

We are
by the
success of
our clients

Only by assisting our clients to become industry benchmarks for prudent judicious risk management and financing, can we enhance our own reputation.

Be fierce but commercial client advocates

Always seeking fair value and flexible structure but being mindful of the fact our client's bankers provide the money and the hedging lines and our ideas and advice are worthless without them.