Noah's Rule

Overview of our Services

Services that are Proven to Support you from Feasibility to Production

Noah's Rule is a specialist debt and market risk advisory company with a proven track record in a range of sectors.

Noah's Rule has become the debt and market risk advisor of choice for the resources sector by providing pertinent independent advice on strategy and execution and through its commitment to building long term relationships with clients

When Noah's Rule's clients negotiate debt and/or hedging arrangements they do so with confidence. The kind of confidence that comes from having developed a strong understanding of what is truly best for them; and, an even stronger understanding of how best to get it and who best to get it from.

Since forming Noah's Rule we have negotiated over $1.2 billion in project financing and negotiated and /or executed over $20 billion of hedging on behalf of our clients.

With combined experience of over 200 years at the world's leading resource banks, our team is uniquely qualified to assist you in:

  • Negotiating and executing Project or Corporate Finance Facilities and appropriate associated Mandatory Hedging;
  • Negotiating and executing restructures of Debt and /or Hedging;
  • Developing appropriate and flexible Risk Management and Hedging Policies;
  • Designing, structuring and executing appropriate Hedging and Risk Management strategies; and,
  • A diverse range of other services our clients regularly draw upon from our team of Treasury and Banking specialists.


You can't Outsource your Risk but you can insource Expertise